What is possible to report

The reports that are considered relevant refer to the behaviours, risks, offences, irregularities that can damage natural or legal persons or that can damage the public interest.

Since there is not an exhaustive and unambiguous list of offences that can be the subject of a report, the report can refer to actions or omissions, committed or attempted, that are:

  • Illegal;

  • Put in place in violation of codes of conduct or other company dispositions that are subject to disciplinary sanctions;

  • Likely to cause financial harm to the administration of membership or any other public body;

  • Likely to cause a prejudice to the image of the institution;

  • Likely to cause harm to the health or safety of the employees, the users and the citizens or to cause harm to the environment;

  • Detrimental to the users of the administration, to its employees and other persons who perform their activity at the institution.

Whistleblowing does not concern personal complaints, claims and instances that fall under the regulation of the employment relationship, or that invest the sphere of the relations with superiors or colleagues, for which it is necessary to refer to the discipline and the procedures of competence of the Personal Department and the Central Committee of Guarantee.

The offences reported must concern situations that the whistleblower became aware, directly or indirectly, also by chance, because of his employment relationship and of his role.

The reports that are based on suspicion or rumours cannot be considered as deserving of protection, as it is necessary to take into account the interests of the third parties that are the subject of the information included in the report; it is also necessary to avoid that the administration or the institution carries out internal inspections that are likely to be of little use and expensive.

In the end, to protect the accused, the requirement on the veracity of the facts reported remains valid.

In the end, to protect the accused, the requirement on the veracity of the facts reported remains valid:

  • Corruption

  • Corruption solicitation

  • Abuse

  • Theft

  • Crime

  • Mobbing

  • Absenteeism

  • Violent behaviour or harassing

  • Other

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